Set Up Services

  • Tables and Chairs: We provide clean, safe, and comfortable seating arrangements suitable for events of all sizes.
  • Tents: To protect your guests from unpredictable weather, we offer durable and high-quality tents.
  • Barricades: Safe area divisions can be achieved using any of our sturdy barricade options.
  • Other Equipment: We cater to a variety of event needs, so if there’s any additional equipment required, just let us know.

Event Cleaning Services

  • During the event: Our staff will ensure the venue remains clean and tidy for all the guest’s pleasure.
  • Post-event: After the event, we clear all equipment and waste, leaving the grounds in spectacular condition for the customer.
  • Waste Removal: We responsibly dispose of or recycle waste generated from the event.
  • Site Inspection Post Cleanup: After the clean up, a final inspection will be conducted to ensure the venue has been restored to its original condition.